Blockchain"Blockchain" became the second largest search volume on, which has increased by 400% in the past 12 months of 2017.  By 2021, the blockchain market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 61.5%. Transparency and irreversibility are the driving factors behind the exponential growth of the blockchain market.  American technology giants such as IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google have jumped on the bandwagon and provided BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) through their built-in platforms.

Unlike “Internet+”, blockchain technology does have “disruptive” function; many traditional industries will disrupted because of it: intermediary, leasing, auditing, and even banking ... The whole business model will change due to the blockchain.  There are many opportunities exist in this new field as well. Many jobs will be created; you should prepare for the chances.

The certificate consists of four courses:

  • CS560    Blockchain Fundamentals 
  • CS507    Web Technology  
  • CS120    Database and Applications
  • CS550    Cloud Computing Fundamentals 

Blockchain certificate program lasts 4 months through intensive teaching, training and lab exercise. The fee for the whole certificate program can be found at Tuition page.

Your certificate can work as part of credit units for the master of science degrees. By taking 6 more courses and a Capstone project, you can earn a master degree.