Why should I choose your university?

Our school has unique features that beat other schools. We offer courses with the following features:

  • course rooms available any time, any where
  • students can take courses online or offline
  • provide Real-Time Online HD Webcam Classes
  • small classroom (20 students/class) with intensive interaction
  • personalized teaching to each individual
  • project-based learning with real-world situation
  • almost all professors have Ph.D. degree with rich skills and experience in their industries and fields
  • low tuition/cost with high quality education.
  • most professors are bilingual (English and Chinese).

How long can I finish the master program and how much I have to spend?

Our school runs four quarters each year. You can enroll any quarter during the year and take as little as one course or maximum of 3 courses per quarter. You need to complete ten courses plus the capstone project, totally 36 credits for the degree. Therefore, you can finish the program and have the degree in one year if you are concentrated and focus. The total rate for the MS program can be found in Tuition page.

What tool do I need to access and take the courses?

You only need a computer with a browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome), an Internet access with a broadband speed (ideally above 1 mbps). You can also use a tablet or smartphone to access the course rooms. You can take the courses anytime, anywhere, at your own convenience and schedule.

Can you offer real-time classes online?

Yes, our state-of-art Real-Time Online HD Webcam Classes offer these features:

Real-time high definition video communication with professors and students. Online classes recorded and archived Classes are typically held on Friday nights (North/South America time) / Saturday mornings (Asia time).

The following are system requirements for the live webcam classes:

PC Users

  • Windows XP or later
  • Windows 2003 Server or later
  • Dual core 2.4GHz CPU or faster with at least 2 GB of RAM
  • Google Chrome v39.0 or later), Mozilla Firefox v34 or later, Internet Explorer v8.0 or later
  • Internet connection - recommended broadband connection with 1+ Mbps

Mac Users

  • Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later
  • Safari v6 or later, Google Chrome v39.0 or later), Mozilla Firefox v34 or later (JavaScript and Java enabled)
  • Internet connection - recommended broadband connection with 1+ Mbps

iOS app

  • iOS 8 or newer
  • iPhone 4 or newer, iPad 2 or newer
  • WiFi recommended for VoIP audio

Android app

  • Android 4.0 or higher
  • iPhone 4 or newer, iPad 2 or newer
  • WiFi recommended for VoIP audio

Windows Phone & Windows 8/RT app

  • Windows 8 or Windows RT
  • WiFi recommended for VoIP audio

Recommended Hardware: The online webcam software works with most standard webcams. Headset recommended for VoIP audio.  

Why should I take the online classes from STEM University?

  • The courses we offer are unique and affordable compared to many other learning institutions; additionally, our courses can be accessed at any time from any location as long as the user has an Internet connection.
  • Students can choose to take one course in their targeted area of interest, or self-design a unique program of studies (multiple courses) that will suit or complement their professional goals.
  • All of the instructors at STEMP University have advanced degrees and/or extensive industry expertise and teaching experience in their subject area.
  • We provide audio, video, real-time chat, online exams, homework assignments, and many more functions in our course rooms. These interactive learning functions allow students to experience the convenience, ease, and joy of learning through ZHTECH's state-of-the-art educational system.

How much do the courses cost, and what are the payment options?

When you enroll with STEM University, you will gain access to the course offerings. The cost of each course will be included in the description of the course. Payments may be made by credit card or through PayPal on our e-commerce page. Bank checks or money orders are also accepted. At this time, we do not accept personal checks. 

Can students who have taken courses at other universities transfer their credit?

STEM University will accept up to two graduate classes or 6 units awarded by another institution toward a master degree here, or one class or 3 units to a Certificate. The entering student will be required to clearly demonstrate the equivalency of a transfer course through relevant documents (syllabus, catalog, course outline) and justify its acceptance through petition. No course will be considered for transfer with a grade lower than a “B” or its equivalent. Petitions are directed to the specific director for the affected program. There is a fee of $125 per unit of credit transferred, and the overall program cost will be adjusted to reflect credit for the approved class(es). All petitions for transfer credit must be submitted as part of the student’s initial application to the University. Credits awarded as part of another degree will not be accepted for transfer.

Do you offer certificates?

Yes. Upon successful completion of the core courses you will be issued an official certificate which shows that you have successfully completed your courses at STEM University. Before issuance of the certificate, you must provide photo verification of your identity. Verified certificates are available for a fee that varies by the certificate program. Check your individual program details for more information. 

How can the certificates be used?

You can use the Certificate of Completion for job applications, promotions, or for school applications. It is also a great way to give yourself an incentive to complete the course and celebrate your success. 

Can I continue from the certificates to the MS degree?

Yes, students who successfully complete the certificate are encouraged to apply their courses to the MS program.  In this way students can save the cost and get the degree faster. To continue with the degree program, students must submit a new application form, application fee, and enrollment agreement, and they must be approved by the Dean. Students will be subject to the terms and conditions existing at the time of their acceptance into the new program, including any changes to program fees or maximum time allowed for program completion.

How do I withdraw from my program if I am unable to continue my studies?

If you are unable to continue your studies, you should submit a cancellation request in any manner to the University. Then, a Notice of Withdrawal Form must be completed, signed and submitted to the University. The Notice of Withdrawal Form can be obtained from this website or by contacting Student Services at support@zhtech.com

I am interested in being a teacher at STEM University; how do I apply?

We welcome those who are experienced in online teaching. If you possess a Master's degree, Doctorate, or PhD, we encourage you to use our online teaching platform to share your knowledge and skills with our students. Please submit resume and credentials to: 

Attention: Faculty Hiring Manager

Email: info@zhtech.com